Friday, January 29, 2010


This little bossy girl makes my baby a SLAVE?!?! tsk tsk tsk ..i caught her while they are playing outside our house...i am watching them and observed her what she is trying to do...she let my baby clean her car while she was drinking her Real Leaf Green Tea!!! isn't unfair to the boys?

but afterwards she let the boys drink a real leaf green tea
..what a reward right??

THE STORYBOARD (of above story):

The picture tells everything on how this little girl slaved the boy and bribed with a bottle of REAL LEAF GREEN TEA....

The bottom center photo shows how refreshing to them to have a drink after working hard...

Right Photo (bottom) - trying to steal the bottles of Real Leaf Green Tea, trying to have a drink before doing the job hahaha

Upper left photo - the boy was trying to negotiate with the little giirl and begging to have a drink first before finishing the job...

Upper Right - "go boys hurry up!" (so bossy!)