Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lovers on the Go

       He lives in Ozamis City and I came from Quezon City. Its over a thousand kilometers apart.
       We met when we both traveling in Cebu City. Going around the city we both never been is really a hard task for us so instead of asking directions, we used maps from Nokia site to help us  in traveling around the city. Everything went fast and easy. To make the story short we moved back to Manila and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Our love story is in the fast track so our get-to-know each other stage happens while we are traveling around the country. We often travel but we don't bring paper maps with us,instead we always use Nokia maps. We usually forget some things like camera, shirt or even baby diaper BUT NOT our Laptop/Phones.

      We went to different not-so-familiar places and we can be able to stroll around the city with the use of Nokia maps.

Highlights of our Journeys: 

        Batangas City:
                 Our First out of town trip AS A FAMILY. Very memorable and exciting trip. My 6month old baby (then) enjoyed the hassle free trip because it seems that we know exactly the place/s of the City because of the detailed map from Nokia. We did not even get lost despite of unfamiliarity of the place.

        Up North trip (Manila - Vigan - Pagudpud) 
              We learned a lot on this part of our journey.  We get to know more about each other on this 8hr drive trip. Its our first super long driving journey. At first we are so nervous because we are not familiar on the places around the City but when we entrust everything to Nokia maps.

         Boracay Trip:
          A Family bonding to celebrate my husband's birthday.
This was our route from the ferry station to the beach resort. We did not ask for any help we put all our trust on Nokia maps and viola we reached our dream destination. 

            Singapore Trip - First out of the country trip
This is our first out of the country trip on a strange country, we are able to stroll around all the landmarks in Singapore without asking from anyone's help (most of them they don't speak in English, we had a hard time communicating with them) But luckily we don't need to ask any direction from them, the public transportation direction from Nokia map helped a lot.

The rest of our trips are part of our (love) history.

**this is my official entry to Talk of Love and Win with Nokia