Friday, August 13, 2010

Vote Comment and Suggest Mini Raffle Contest

1. You need to LIKE Hapee Icy Fresh Fan page.

2. Click LIKE on my photo entry (1 entry)

3. Leave a comment so I can count your entry.

4. Suggest the entry to your friends and tell them to put as a part of their comment your name as a referrer. (1 refer 1 entry)

ex. Voted/Goodluck (referred by:___)

5. IF I MADE to the top and declared as one of the winners I WILL RAFFLE THE PRIZE. So suggest to as many friends as you can.

6. Raffle will take place 1 day after the announcement of winners. Valid in the Philippines only.

1 comment:

Maren said...

BTW the prize will be A MINI DIGITAL KEYCHAIN wehre you can store digital phots...