Monday, April 26, 2010

“What makes you, as a Filipino, happy?”

This could be a simple question but its hard to answer...the answer depends on the point of view of each person...FOR baby makes me happy..any activity under the sun would be fine as long as i see my baby is happy and enjoying on anything he's doing..
happines is hard to define...but they say pictures says a thousand words..take a look on our photos on our trip going to Pagudpud for our Summer Getaway...

Even its very long and tiry trip im so happy because this is another bonding moment for me and my family!

(These photoseres taken during our stop over on a childrens park, seeing those smile is so refreshing)

(Look how my little son enjoyed the beach!)

(One of the tourists spot in Laoag, in the middle of the day with a nice and refreshing smile will be the best happiness ever!!!)

to sum it up, my family makes me HAPPY!

(this is my official entry to donavictorina blogspot contest)

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