Saturday, October 30, 2010

My "Hairy" Story

Im a busy-bee mom of a 2 year old boy and a personal "alalay" of my day is not enough for me and my this says it all that i don't have "much" time for myself too! (no time for whatever kind of Spa a girl must have lol)

My hair is always tied-up.

Even I go out for a day shopping to a party night out or in any occassions. I'm hiding it by tie-ing it up!. WHY????

because it's all messed up!

My hair is a terrible case,I guess the worst a day it will give you a hundred or couple of hundreds hair fall! that's how terrible my hair is!...if I un-tie my hair you can see my hair strands all over the house and on my shirt! I also get to the point that I don't brush or comb my hair so I tie it up straight from shower just to save time picking up hair strands or sometimes I just used my fingers to "comb" it. and Im also too lazy to dry it up or use a hair dryer so I let the wind do the job! I can even received (if there is) THE MOST TANGLED HAIR!

Its unmanageable that makes me irritable!!!

(before using Pantene)

Do you believe that picking up hair strands is part of my daily task lists?? That's how big my problem in my hair!

I've tried a lot of shampoos and get tired of buying and trying everything,they are all crap! They will just serve the same purpose which is TO CLEAN ALL THE DUST AND DIRT but don't care if it dries up your hair or gives you split ends and almost gets you bald because of hair falls, in short ,it is UNHEALTHY WAY of taking care of your hair. I don't want to spend more money for hot oil, hair spa or hair rebonding or whatever hair "care" because I spend too much of the shampoo and conditioners itself!...but when I rediscovered PANTENE it changed my hair life...

(a sampler that they are giving away)


DAY 1:as soon as I've received the sampler I washed my hair and let it dry by the wind. Combed it by my hands only as I did usually on my hair. You see the difference on 1st use.

DAY 3: dry by the wind and partially combed it (oh well im scared on hair falls and headaches on removing all tangled hair)

DAY 7: dry by the wind and all the hair and I noticed the less tangle and less hairfall.

DAY 10: dry by the wind and combed all the way with almost no hairfall (its less than 10) and no tangles.

What Happened on the last day??? hmmmm...

I am FREE NOW! FREE from split ends, FREE from dry hair, FREE from tangled hair, FREE from hair falls. I can move freely without thinking what will happend to my hair. GOODBYE BAD HAIR DAYS!

Now I can go out and have some "parteeehhh parrtteeehhh!!!!"(party! party!) and be proud of not just my hair, but also to myself as a consumer!

I believed this is not just a 14-day commitment coz it's like that I found another "partner" in LIFE!

To Sum it up all above story I prepare a Slideshow Transformation:

** this is my official entry in I COMMIT TO CHANGE facebook fanpage

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Kaye Langit-Luistro said...

Hi Maren!
Love your transformation!
And I love your slideshow too!
Blessings to your entry and all your endeavors.