Friday, December 24, 2010

Enjoy While Its Here!

Since I was a kid my fave dairy is Magnolia's...from milk to choco drink and ICE CREAM!

Now, I have my own kid even not bringing him on the Magnolia House (where we used to have our scoop of ice cream) I make sure he tasted the all time fave ice cream of me. And Im right he really loved it.

Now, Magnolia Ice cream has new limited edition flavor that I surely everybody will love!

Since my baby loves apple we tried this mouth-watering Apple Strudel! Wow so yummy my baby liked it! Tastes like Fresh Green and Red Apple Swirls topped on a vanilla based ice cream with apple Cinnamon and pretzel bits.

We will take advantage of this limited flavor and I will make sure I will buy a tub after another until supply lasts! Lolz! We will enjoy this flavor while its here!

Oh BTW, the limited edition ice cream has its own unique tub design -- so sad I didn't take picture of sis in law took it home, she really liked it!

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